BPA FREE microwave_safe
Smart Microwave Sterilizer

and you’re done

All parents are aware of the importance of sterilizing their babies’ bottles.The Smart Sterilizer provides maximum, convenient and quick sterilization for up to 4 bottles with all their parts.

Pull-out tray
Safe to handle
4 bottles in 4 mins
Fits all bottles

Did you know?

Just add water

The smart sterilizer sterilizes perfectly with just a small amount of water.

Made of safe materials

The smart sterilizer is made of strong, durable plastic that is free from Bisphenol A (BPA).


The difference is in the details

Cover handle

Doesn’t overheat – perfect for safe opening of the lid after sterilization.

Pull-out tray

The tray is perfect for arranging your bottles and all their parts and placing them in the dishwasher. Also perfect as a drying rack.

Fast and simple sterilization for bottles, pacifiers and accessories

Simply add water and place in the microwave for just 4 minutes.

Grip handles

For safe removal from microwave after heating.

Fits all baby bottles

Designed to hold 4 Bfree bottles and all their parts, as well as other brands of bottles.


"It's nice to have something so fast. I can get the sterilization done in less than 5 minutes and use the bottles pretty much right straight away."

Dana L.

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