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Formula Dispenser

Finally, a parent-friendly dispenser.

When designing this dispenser we thought about more than just hygiene and convenience. We thought about making things easier for you. The unique curvy design allows you to dispense accurate portions, with no powder residues, and all with just one hand and one click. And the other hand? Totally free to deal with other things.

One-handed opening

Did you know?

Leak-proof design

The formula dispenser allows you to prepare pre- measured formula portions as necessary, and a leak-proof closure between its compartments guarantees that the portions won't transfer from one compartment to the other.

Rounded compartments are easier to clean

Three large, rounded compartments make the dispenser super easy to clean. And since there are no corners, there is no powder and bacteria build-up.

One-handed opening

A convenient, wide spout makes it easier to pour the formula into the bottle, and a unique open-lock mechanism allows you to open and use the dispenser with just one hand.

The difference is in the details

Extra wide spout

Enables fast, easy pouring of formula into the bottle.

3 large rounded compartments

Allow easy cleaning and prevent powder residue and build-up of bacteria.

Sealed compartments

Prevent formula from transferring from one compartment to the other.

Simple one-handed open / lock

For fast formula preparation, on the go.


"I really liked the idea of the rounded compartments. This way I never get powder residues, and I know the portion is the exact right amount."

Chelsea O.

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