BPA FREE easy_expression
Easy Pump
Manual Breast Pump

Finally, a manual breast pump with the
power of an electric pump

The easy pump is exactly that – easy. Easy to express, easy to attach to any sized Bfree bottle – just what you need from a manual pump.

Did you know?

The easy pump comes with a free Bfree bottle

The pump comes with a 160ml/5 oz Classic Bfree bottle in addition to the container attached to it.

Fits all Bfree Classic, Super Glass and Me bottles

This makes storage and feeding quick and simple. You can express milk directly into any sized Bfree Classic, Super Glass or Me bottle and feed with ease. You can also store the milk with no need for extra containers. Simply use the special sealing disk included and store either in the fridge or freezer for later use.

Easy to assemble, easy to use - anywhere

Since the easy pump is so lightweight, it’s perfect for use at home, at work or wherever you feel comfortable.

The difference is in the details

Easy, effective expression

With an airtight seal and a gentle one-handed operation, milk flow is as effective as with most leading electrical pumps.

Fast, natural milk flow

Unique massage cushions add gentle nipple support, positioning it correctly. This allows for better stimulation to create a natural, steady milk flow just like breastfeeding.

Light, convenient and compact

The pump is extra light and discreet, perfect for use at home or outside.

Attaches directly to Bfree bottles

You can express milk directly into any sized Bfree bottle and feed with ease.


"It’s amazing how fast each expression is, and the pumping itself is really gentle. And I don’t have to work hard for the milk to flow really well."

Jennifer F.

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