BPA FREE Easy Grip
One for All

Yes, everything fits everything

These ergonomically designed handles fit all Bfree bottles and cups, in any size and any color so you can switch things around while making it easy (and colorful) for your baby to hold and drink on their own.

Every part of the Bfree bottle can be used on any other Bfree bottle or cup
Extra comfy handles allow baby to hold a cup or bottle independently

The difference is in the details

Fits anything

The handles are designed to fit all Bfree cups and bottles, no matter what size.

Ergonomically designed

Allow your baby to hold a cup or bottle independently.

Wide range of colors

Choose from 6 cool colors.


“My twins get really excited about drinking on their own. They love that I keep switching handle colors and it also helps me know which bottle belongs to who”.

Diane M.

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