orthodontic teat High grade silicone
Silicone Nipple

Feeding me softly

Soft and flexible orthodontic nipple provides a steady flow of liquid. The nipple is particularly suitable for breastfed babies being introduced to bottle feeding. The nipple comes in all sizes and is suitable for all Bfree Classic, Super Glass and Me bottles.

The difference is in the details

Extra soft orthodontic nipple

Made of medical-grade silicone, allows for easy, gentle suckling

Fits all bottles

Designed to fit all Bfree Classic, Me and Super Glass bottles and even Sippi cups

Multiple stages

The nipple comes in 5 stages suitable for babies from age 0 and up


“We’ve just started using Bfree and I’ve instantly noticed how easy and pleasant the feed was. Dylan looks really calm when I feed him and I love the fact that it’s really constant and you don’t have to stop every once in a while.”

Sarah L.

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