BPA FREE clinically proven

Sleek on the outside
Genius on the inside

Bfree Freedom was especially designed to help neutralize vacuum. With its innovative iComfort™ system, pressure in the ears is significantly reduced and feeding is calmer and easier than ever.

Helps prevent ear infections
Reduces colic, gas and spit up
No nipple collapse, leak free
Baby controls the milk flow

Did you know?

All Bfree bottles have a patented air vent that helps neutralize vacuum

A significant problem many parents aren't aware of is vacuum, which forms in most baby bottles. Vacuum has been proven to be a major cause of gas, colic and even ear infections since it forces baby to suckle extra hard in order to extract milk from the bottle. Bfree has a patented air vent that helps prevent vacuum formation, helping baby to suckle comfortably and control the flow of milk, without causing pressure in the ear. This unique air vent is found in all Bfree bottles and cups and grows with your baby from age 0-3.

Why is vacuum problematic?
Think what happens when you drink directly from a bottle containing soda or water. Every few sips, you have to stop and pull the bottle away from your mouth to release the vacuum that has accumulated in the bottle. Without releasing the vacuum, you wouldn’t be able to continue drinking. That is exactly what happens to your baby when they suckle out of most baby bottles. Your baby is forced to work harder and harder as the pressure in the bottle grows, and even stop every few sips to release the vacuum. Sometimes you can even see the nipple collapsing during suckling (another symptom of vacuum) and air bubbles forming in the liquid.

The iComfort system helps neutralize vacuum, making feeding easier 
The system lets air in above the milk and thus helps prevent vacuum build-up inside the bottle. It also helps your baby control the flow of milk and feed more comfortably without having to over exert himself.

The iComfort System is located at the base
Since air enters the bottle above the milk, air bubbles do not end up mixing with the milk and therefore do not go into baby’s tummy, helping prevent gas and colic.

Easy to clean
The system’s unique design makes it easier to clean and also prevents the build-up of milk residue. The bottle itself can be opened on both sides making cleaning easier than ever.

Less vacuum – it's proven

A comparative test proved that Bfree bottles were the most effective in neutralizing vacuum compared to other leading baby bottles:Vacuum-graph

The difference is in the details

Naturally shaped nipple

Made of medical-grade silicone for an easier, more comfortable feed

iComfort™ System

Helps neutralize vacuum and prevent ear aches and ear infections. Also helps reduce gas and colic and prevents nipple collapse.

Smarter design for easier cleaning

The unique hole free design prevents the buildup of milk residue, making cleaning fast and simple. Its smart one-way valve prevents leaking.


“I’ve been feeding James with the Bfree bottles since he was born and now that he has a new sister, I’ve been using the new Freedom bottle. Feeding her is pretty much a breeze, not to mention the cleaning part.”

Sharon C.

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